NHL betting

If you love hockey, then NHL betting is for you. However, even experienced bettors can struggle with betting on NHL matches since it’s quite different in various aspects. NHL games can be very unpredictable and any experienced bettor might say to you that even if you understand the ins and outs of players, teams and everything else, it still might not be enough to make winning bets, at least consistently.

That’s why we gathered here main tips that might help you turn around that losing strike and help you make winning bets more steadily. You might be surprised of how simple some of these things are, but sometimes the smallest and most simple factors are the ones that keep you from getting the much longed for winnings.

1. Opt for live betting

If possible, always go for live betting. The reality is that there might be more than 10 games at once going on in the NHL and even the best sports picks might not be as accurate as wished. Hockey, as mentioned previously, is very unpredictable.

However, if you can observe the game with your own eyes, you can clearly notice if someone is struggling on the ice or something is starting to turn the odds in the other direction.

2. Home ice is the key

Home ice is a huge advantage in the NHL as well. A supportive crowd, being in a familiar location and tons of other tiny details come into play and may contribute to the widespread belief that home playing field is the key when it comes to figuring out the top NHL picks.

Of course, things might be exactly the opposite. The team might play a bit more roughly since they’re feeling too cozy, they might loosen their strategy a bit since they don’t feel the pressure that heavily or they might not actually have that supported crowd.

To figure out which way it is, take a look at any site that provides NHL standings and you can very clearly tell if home ice has been an advantage or not. What matters is to never dismiss home ice as an important factor, since one way or the other it will give you crucial insights to which team has the advantage on the field.

3. Don’t rely on big favorites

New NHL bettors tend to make one mistake: they keep betting on the “sure” wins and keep focusing on winning streaks. As you might have learned from this article so far, nothing is certain in hockey. A team that might have had 10 wins in a row, might not perform that well in the next match. Realistically, a fan-favorite team might plummet to the bottom in the next match.

Don’t put all your eggs in one “sure” bet basket. Indeed, these bets might pay off nicely for you, but betting on big favorites shouldn’t be your only go-to NHL betting strategy.

4. Schedules matter

Hockey season is long. You might think that NHL professionals are used to the busy schedules, but think of it this way: if you’re on the road and you need to play a match 5 times in a row within one week, how tired would you be?

Don’t forget that players are not so different from us after all and if you’re betting on a sure win when the team is in their 5th game in a row, you might want to pull back a little – the team might be pretty banged up already, especially when their opponent is playing on home ice.

If you don’t forget that hockey is very unpredictable and you consider some more “human” factors in your betting strategy too, you increase your odds for winning tremendously!