Basketball betting

Basketball is undeniably second most popular betting category in sports betting, right after football. As with any sports betting, basketball entails tens of details that tip the scales in the favor of one team or the other. As a sports bettor, your challenge is to keep track of those details and try to predict the outcome as accurately as possible.

Basketball betting, like any form of gambling, is risky and even extensive basketball knowledge might not help you make better picks. However, we’ve put together a list of some of the most crucial things you should keep in mind if you want to increase your winnings when placing next basketball bet.

1. Don’t dismiss the human factor

There are basketball bettors who follow statistical data almost religiously and place their bets only according to the found data.

What they forget, is the human factor and the fact that past performance is no indication of future performance. Your favorite team might have been on a winning strike, but nothing says their key players might not be on top of their game and the hoped win will not come.

Keep in mind that players are in many ways more similar to us than imagined and don’t follow data blindly. Basketball players are humans, after all, not just blimps of data on a chart.

2. Forget emotions

New basketball bettors make one grave error: they follow their favorite teams like the team is a god. They even go in such distances that they stick to the team even if odds are completely against them. Emotions are powerful, but when it comes to betting, emotions lead you to making wrong choices. You might love the team but keep your head clear.

3. Check the lineup first

Before rushing to place your basketball bets, be sure you check the news about your faved team. Perhaps they’re changing their lineup? Perhaps some of their key players are not available? Maybe one of the top scorers got injured and will sit out the next match? Make sure you know everything about the lineup before you put your money to risk. Don’t place the bets hoping a new lineup will work if the team had a winning strike with a completely different lineup.

4. Don’t chase the trends

Don’t underestimate the hype media can cause around one team. In the midst of all the hype and public opinion, you might lose track of which side is realistically stronger. Public trends might tip the scales in an iffy direction, as a result, the basketball picks will be unbalanced. Try wagering against the trends instead, especially if your gut feeling says it’s the right way to go.

In conclusion, to make successful bets you need to keep your head clear, treat trends cautiously and keep in mind the human factor. Ease your risks by betting strategically and never putting all of your money on one match. Instead, keep your bankroll balanced and bet analytically. These are the essentials you need if you want to increase your chances of winning.