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NFL Sports Betting Tips

This is one of the biggest questions sports wagerers have to ask. It’s arguably the single biggest contributor to the high losses suffered by the general public in general. They play too many games. In fact, many keep betting until they make sure they lose! How is that possible? It’s ...
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NBA Playoff (2003) Conference Finals

As I mentioned in my last article, The NBA's Second Season, there have been few "surprises" in the NBA Playoffs over the last twenty-three seasons (since Bird and Magic entered the league at the start of the 1979-80 season). During that time, THIRTEEN champions have come from teams that finished ...
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Fergie Jenkins

Be sure to check the complete list of  Canadian Born Major League Baseball Players Click Here Fergie Jenkins Born City Ht / Wt Bat / Throw Ferguson, Arthur Jenkins December 13, 1943 Chatham, Ontario 6'5" 210 lbs R - R History Canadian Fergie Jenkins Led the Majors in Wins for 14 ...
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Tip O’Neill

Tip O'Neill Born City Ht / Wt Bat / Throw James O'Neill May 25, 1858 Woodstock, Ontario    R - R PITCHING YEAR TM/LG W L IP ERA G GS CG SV H ER BB K 1883 NY/N 5 12 148.0 4.07 19 19 15 0 182 67 64 55 ...
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NBA Basketball Trend

NBA Trends for December 09 LA Clippers at Philadelphia, 7:05 ET LA Clippers: 11-9 ATS off an upset loss as a road favorite Philadelphia: 2-10 ATS after allowing 100 points or more 3 straight games Golden State at Charlotte, 7:05 ET Golden State: 54-34 ATS after 1 or more consecutive ...
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Sports Betting Statistics sports betting statistics Before moving in any action be sure to find out who The Nations Best Handicappers are backing at the Guaranteed Picks Page where selections MUST WIN or there is no charge!! To find out who The Nations Best Handicappers are backing in all of today's action visit the Guaranteed Picks Page where selections MUST ...
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NFL Football Trends

Whatever sport or bet type is your passion, the Bodog Sportsbook takes you front and center with fast and easy online sports betting. Hit the Bodog Sportsbook now! NFL Football Trends Additional Trends / Betting stats/ previews The Pittsburgh Steelers are Super Bowl Champions for a record sixth time. Check back here in ...
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Forum Topics Posts Last Post Forum Rules Promotions No advertising or promotions allowed on this forum without expressed authorization - BIG BROTHER 1 1 05/10/2004 09:29:12 by: browndog  Sports Lottery Strategies Pro Line Strategies Pro Line strategies - Post your winning strategies 7 29 11/07/2006 18:16:19 by: sneadmeister  Sports Lottery Plays Pro Line ...
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Free and Guaranteed Picks

Free and Guaranteed Picks From the BEST in the business is pleased to offer free and guaranteed picks from the nation's most honored and respected handicappers. We have move the Free Picks to our Home Page Please change your bookmarks. If you are not switched over in five seconds ...
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Larry Walker

Larry Walker Born City Ht / Wt Bat / Throw Larry, Kenneth, Robert Walker December 1, 1966 Maple Ridge, British Columbia 6'2" 185 lbs L - R BATTING YR TM/LG G AB R H HR RBI AVG OBP SLG BB SO SB CS 1989 MON/N 20 47 4 8 0 ...
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Can Tampa Bay Repeat

by Larry Ness August 01, 2003 When the Tampa Bay Bucs beat the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII 48-21, they became the fourth consecutive first-time Super Bowl Champions! The last time a team has repeated was when the Denver Broncos won back-to-back Super Bowls following the 1997 and 1998 ...
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NFL Week 5 Picks and Leans ATS

New England Patriots at Cleveland Browns October 9, 01:00 EST Line: Patriots -10.5 Over/Under: 46.5 Overview New England was stunned at home 16-0 by Buffalo last week. Rookie QB Jacoby Brissett had a rough outing, going 17-27 for 205 yards as well as getting sacked 3 times and losing a ...
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Pete Craig

Be sure to check the complete list of  Canadian Born Major League Baseball Players Click Here Pete Craig Born City Ht / Wt Bat / Throw Peter, Joel, Craig July 10, 1940 LaSalle, Ontario 6'5", 220 lbs L - R PITCHING YEAR TM/LG W L IP ERA G GS CG SV ...
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Matt Stairs

Matt Stairs Born City Ht / Wt Bat / Throw Matthew Wade Stairs February 27, 1968 St John New Brunswick 5'9" 175 lbs L - R BATTING YR TM/LG G AB R H HR RBI AVG OBP SLG BB SO SB CS 1992 MON/N 13 30 2 5 0 5 ...
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NFL Office Pool Picks

Office Pool Picks are computer generated using early Tues/Wed lines and do not reflect Handicappers selections. 2006 Regular Season (128-130) 49.6% 2005 Regular Season (136-120) 53.1% 2004 Regular Season (141-116) 54.9% 2003 Regular Season ( 138-118 )  53.9% 2002 Regular Season ( 127 - 130 ) 49.4% 2001 Regular Season ( 129 ...
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Despite the many major leaguers who have played for Canadian teams, relatively few Canadian natives have made the majors-a reflection of short summers and a paucity of places to play since television killed the old town teams and outlaw leagues in the 1950s. (Only one high school baseball team exists ...
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Earl Cook

Be sure to check the complete list of  Canadian Born Major League Baseball Players Click Here Earl Cook Born City Ht / Wt Bat / Throw Earl, Davis, Cook December 10, 1908 Stouffville, Ontario 6'0", 195 lbs R - R PITCHING YEAR TM/LG W L IP ERA G GS CG SV ...
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Free and Guaranteed Picks

Free and Guaranteed Picks From the BEST in the business is pleased to offer free and guaranteed picks from the nation's most honored and respected handicappers. We have moved the Free Picks to our Home Page Please change your bookmarks. If you are not switched over in five seconds ...
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Free and Guaranteed Picks NBA

Free and Guaranteed Picks From the BEST in the business is pleased to offer free and guaranteed picks from the nation's most honored and respected handicappers. We have move the Free Picks to our Home Page Please change your bookmarks. If you are not switched over in five seconds ...
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NBA Scott Spreitzer Game: Los Angeles Clippers at Oklahoma City Thunder Mar 31 2016 9:35PM Prediction: Oklahoma City Thunder Reason: I'm recommending a play on OKC minus the points on Thursday night. DeAdre Jordan, Chris Paul, and J.J. Reddick are all expected to be in street clothes tonight, scheduled for a ...
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Free and Guaranteed Picks NHL

Free and Guaranteed Picks From the BEST in the business is pleased to offer free and guaranteed picks from the nation's most honored and respected handicappers. We have move the Free Picks to our Home Page Please change your bookmarks. If you are not switched over in five seconds ...
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Koskie To Be Honoured At SkyDome Saturday

St. Marys - Twins slugger Corey Koskie will be presented with the 2001 James "Tip" O'Neill Award in a brief ceremony just prior to the national anthems when the Blue Jays host the Twins on Saturday, April 6th. The award is given annually by the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame ...
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Online casinos

Looking for a fun and relaxing hobby? Just bored and looking for something new and interesting? Maybe you’re just longing to find some thrill? All of this can be find from online casinos!

What are online casinos?

If you are new to the online gambling world, hearing about online casinos might be a bit strange. After all, we are all familiar with Las Vegas’s blinking lights and massive casinos that tempt with big winnings.

All of the glitz and glam can now be enjoyed right on your laptop or even smartphone, no matter where you are or what games you prefer. Online casinos are gambling sites that mimic land-based casinos, with the only difference being the machines being virtual. Essentially though, online casinos are exactly like land-based casinos and operate in very similar ways.

What can you play in online casinos?

Every online casino has a different game selection and not all casinos provide the same games, however, you can find the following game categories from most online gambling sites:

  1. Slots – slot machines are, without a doubt, most infamous and legendary games in the whole gambling world. Every decent online casino has video slots, some provide even old-school fruit slots and other interesting variations. Even more, there can be hundreds of slot games in one casino!
  2. Roulette – coming in second place, roulette is undeniably another very popular gambling time, often seen in casino-themed movies. Many casinos offer both virtual roulette and live-roulette, the latter having real dealers on the other side of the screen, giving you a more authentic casino experience.
  3. Blackjack – the legendary card game is one of the most prominent parts of any card game selection, so most casinos also feature several Blackjack versions.
  4. Poker – there wouldn’t be a casino without poker. Some casinos have elaborate poker software, some offer just video poker versions.

Beyond these, some online casinos have a betting section, virtual sports, lottery games and much more – something for every taste!

Why should you prefer online casino for a land-based casino?

Though online and land-based casinos are extremely similar, online versions provide players certain perks that land-based casinos can’t compete with. If you’re doubting whether or not you should open an account in an internet-based casino, then here are some perks you can enjoy:

  • Online casinos have hundreds of games in their selection. Since the upkeep is much less costly online, it’s easy for the casinos to facilitate even 1000+ games in their casino! Something like this would be unimaginable in a land-based casino – there isn’t physically any space for so many machines.
  • There’s no etiquette. If you’ve heard about casinos, then you’ve surely heard about the casino etiquette. Most casinos have rather strict rules on how you need to dress to enter the casino, but, of course, online casinos give you the freedom. If you’d like, you can sit in your pajamas while playing live-roulette! No one will judge you and you can feel comfortable without all the etiquette rules.
  • Switching casinos is extremely easy. The sign-up process takes literally just a few moments and you can start enjoying the games instantly. If you don’t like one casino, you can just open another casino in your browser and forget about the other. It goes without saying that this makes online casinos hugely more flexible.

If you’ve ever thought about trying your luck, now’s the right time. Just pick any reputable online casino and you can bet you’ll have a wonderful time playing your favorite games!

Casino games

Casinos have been somewhat taboo throughout the history, but thanks to new technologies and responsible gaming principles it is thought of as a fun way to spend some time. Online gambling is more popular than ever and you can play hundreds of casino games with just a touch of a button, all through your browser.

Though casino games have picked up popularity in the recent decade, gambling is not actually new to humankind. First casinos started appearing in the 17th century, poker is even older and dates back to 1377. Most modern casino games have found their start hundreds of years ago and today we can simply play updated versions of these old games.

Here are the most common casino games you can play in virtually every online casino:

  1. Video slots – slot machines are one of the most common casino games, found in literally every casino. Online versions are called video slots and in a way, they are very similar to the slot machines found in land-based casinos. Slot machines feature usually 3-5 reels with symbols. If the symbols land in a winning payline, you’ll be awarded with a payout. When old-school slot games featured mainly fruit symbols or luxury-related symbols, new slots are much more elaborate and can feature any theme possible, from musical slots to Hollywood-themed slot games.
  2. Roulette – it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of roulette. The game features a roulette wheel and a table, both marked with different colors and numbers. Both online roulette and land-based roulette are fairly similar, with the only difference being that you’ll play against a computer in the online version. Roulette is 100% luck-based casino game, contrary to many beliefs that claim you can increase your winnings in roulette by using certain strategies.
  3. Blackjack – Blackjack is also fairly common. If a casino offers card games, they will probably offer several different Blackjack versions as well. In Blackjack, you play against the dealer and winner is the player that gets the closest to 21, without exceeding it.
  4. Baccarat – Baccarat is another common card game. This one is played between the “player” and the “banker” and is widely loved because of the slight strategic approach that can be applied to playing Baccarat.
  5. Poker – poker is probably the most widely known card game. Online casinos offer the option to play video poker where you can play against a computer and refine your skills or you can download casino’s poker software to play against other poker fans.
  6. Bingo – bingo is a luck-based casino game where you need to bet on certain numbers. Several casinos offer various bingo versions or even other lottery games such as keno.
  7. Sports betting – if you’re into sports, you can try sports betting where your goal is to predict the outcomes of different sport matches.

There’s a casino game for every taste. If you like the thrill of luck, you can try bingo, roulette or slots. If you prefer a bit of a strategic approach, poker or sports betting might be for you. One thing’s for sure – casino games have never been so easily available as now and you can try all of the mentioned games easily, by opening your preferred online casino site.

Sports betting

If you are a sports enthusiast, you’re likely attracted to the intriguing world of sports betting. Sports betting means placing bets on different sports matches, trying to predict the outcome of that match.

In a way, you’re like a fortune teller, but even though sports betting is still essentially gambling, it has a lot to do with statistics and analytical approach. Since the luck factor is much smaller in sports betting and clever bettors can tip the scales in their favor by placing bets strategically, sports betting is one of the most beloved gambling types. If in roulette or slots you are 100% in the mercy of luck, sports betting introduces a strategical approach to the mix and enables you to earn decent profits, if you know what you’re doing.

Sports betting is a vast and exciting world that cannot be completely explained in one article, but here we’ll give you some basic tips you should know if you’re starting your venture in sports betting.

Study the terminology

“Hold your horses! I just wanted to have some fun, not sit behind encyclopedias!” you might be thinking. Well, true – you could place bets just for the heck of it and hope for the best or even win once in a while, but if your goal is to win in long term, you need to understand the basic terms that are used in sports betting.

Don’t worry, sports betting lingo is not overly complicated and you’ll get used to it fairly quickly. To get started, find sports betting terms glossary from the internet and take that side by side with you when you’re placing your bets.

Forget your personal preferences

One of the most common mistakes new sports bettors make is that they don’t bet on what they think COULD happen, but what they WANT to happen. In other words, you might back a team you personally love, but in the middle of doing that you might dismiss the actual situation, leading you to a losing bet.

Sports betting is not the place for emotions and personal beliefs or preferences. Throw those aside and keep your head straight.

Don’t become too confident or saddened

When you have a winning strike or losing strike, you shouldn’t take it too personally and get carried away by it. If you’re a beginner and stumble upon multiple wins, don’t instantly think you were born to place sports bets – don’t forget that there’s still luck in play.

Same goes for losing. It doesn’t mean winning is impossible, quite contrary – it’s a place for you to analyze your bets and figure out what you can change in order to start winning.

Data is your friend

As mentioned, sports betting is rather analytical and by researching the game and teams, you can predict much more accurately the outcome of the match. It doesn’t mean you should bury yourself under books, but glancing over articles or past games is a good place to start and might give you several hints on how the match will end. Even just keeping a close eye on the TV and watching sports is part of the research!

Don’t follow betting strategies religiously

New bettors make one mistake: they stick to systems and strategies someone has used before and never try anything else. Though these strategies might come in handy, you shouldn’t restrict yourself only with that. Instead, try different things, experiment and see what works best for you. No two bettors are exactly the same and possess the same knowledge or beliefs. Trust your gut and try different wagers or different sports betting forms.

By keeping your head clear and betting reasonably, sports betting can be a fun hobby and even a way to earn some extra money!

Basketball betting

Basketball is undeniably second most popular betting category in sports betting, right after football. As with any sports betting, basketball entails tens of details that tip the scales in the favor of one team or the other. As a sports bettor, your challenge is to keep track of those details and try to predict the outcome as accurately as possible.

Basketball betting, like any form of gambling, is risky and even extensive basketball knowledge might not help you make better picks. However, we’ve put together a list of some of the most crucial things you should keep in mind if you want to increase your winnings when placing next basketball bet.

1. Don’t dismiss the human factor

There are basketball bettors who follow statistical data almost religiously and place their bets only according to the found data.

What they forget, is the human factor and the fact that past performance is no indication of future performance. Your favorite team might have been on a winning strike, but nothing says their key players might not be on top of their game and the hoped win will not come.

Keep in mind that players are in many ways more similar to us than imagined and don’t follow data blindly. Basketball players are humans, after all, not just blimps of data on a chart.

2. Forget emotions

New basketball bettors make one grave error: they follow their favorite teams like the team is a god. They even go in such distances that they stick to the team even if odds are completely against them. Emotions are powerful, but when it comes to betting, emotions lead you to making wrong choices. You might love the team but keep your head clear.

3. Check the lineup first

Before rushing to place your basketball bets, be sure you check the news about your faved team. Perhaps they’re changing their lineup? Perhaps some of their key players are not available? Maybe one of the top scorers got injured and will sit out the next match? Make sure you know everything about the lineup before you put your money to risk. Don’t place the bets hoping a new lineup will work if the team had a winning strike with a completely different lineup.

4. Don’t chase the trends

Don’t underestimate the hype media can cause around one team. In the midst of all the hype and public opinion, you might lose track of which side is realistically stronger. Public trends might tip the scales in an iffy direction, as a result, the basketball picks will be unbalanced. Try wagering against the trends instead, especially if your gut feeling says it’s the right way to go.

In conclusion, to make successful bets you need to keep your head clear, treat trends cautiously and keep in mind the human factor. Ease your risks by betting strategically and never putting all of your money on one match. Instead, keep your bankroll balanced and bet analytically. These are the essentials you need if you want to increase your chances of winning.

NHL betting

If you love hockey, then NHL betting is for you. However, even experienced bettors can struggle with betting on NHL matches since it’s quite different in various aspects. NHL games can be very unpredictable and any experienced bettor might say to you that even if you understand the ins and outs of players, teams and everything else, it still might not be enough to make winning bets, at least consistently.

That’s why we gathered here main tips that might help you turn around that losing strike and help you make winning bets more steadily. You might be surprised of how simple some of these things are, but sometimes the smallest and most simple factors are the ones that keep you from getting the much longed for winnings.

1. Opt for live betting

If possible, always go for live betting. The reality is that there might be more than 10 games at once going on in the NHL and even the best sports picks might not be as accurate as wished. Hockey, as mentioned previously, is very unpredictable.

However, if you can observe the game with your own eyes, you can clearly notice if someone is struggling on the ice or something is starting to turn the odds in the other direction.

2. Home ice is the key

Home ice is a huge advantage in the NHL as well. A supportive crowd, being in a familiar location and tons of other tiny details come into play and may contribute to the widespread belief that home playing field is the key when it comes to figuring out the top NHL picks.

Of course, things might be exactly the opposite. The team might play a bit more roughly since they’re feeling too cozy, they might loosen their strategy a bit since they don’t feel the pressure that heavily or they might not actually have that supported crowd.

To figure out which way it is, take a look at any site that provides NHL standings and you can very clearly tell if home ice has been an advantage or not. What matters is to never dismiss home ice as an important factor, since one way or the other it will give you crucial insights to which team has the advantage on the field.

3. Don’t rely on big favorites

New NHL bettors tend to make one mistake: they keep betting on the “sure” wins and keep focusing on winning streaks. As you might have learned from this article so far, nothing is certain in hockey. A team that might have had 10 wins in a row, might not perform that well in the next match. Realistically, a fan-favorite team might plummet to the bottom in the next match.

Don’t put all your eggs in one “sure” bet basket. Indeed, these bets might pay off nicely for you, but betting on big favorites shouldn’t be your only go-to NHL betting strategy.

4. Schedules matter

Hockey season is long. You might think that NHL professionals are used to the busy schedules, but think of it this way: if you’re on the road and you need to play a match 5 times in a row within one week, how tired would you be?

Don’t forget that players are not so different from us after all and if you’re betting on a sure win when the team is in their 5th game in a row, you might want to pull back a little – the team might be pretty banged up already, especially when their opponent is playing on home ice.

If you don’t forget that hockey is very unpredictable and you consider some more “human” factors in your betting strategy too, you increase your odds for winning tremendously!