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NBA Betting:  Light's out Shooting Angle March 22, 2017

It's rare for an NBA team to shoot above 50.0% and it's one angle to utilize as a NBA handicapper. When checking NBA boxscores, pay attention to red-hot shooting clubs that just shoot 55.0% or more from the field. That's because there is a great chance the team will go cold next time they hit the hardwood providing a good 'Go-Against' play.

Since 2012, 'Playing-Against' teams after dropping 55.0% of their shots through the iron the previous effort has produced a 273-271-8 record against the betting line (49.5%). Not exactly the Midas Touch of NBA handicappping. However, if we focus solely on 'Playing-Against' an un-rested FAVORITE after dropping 55.0% of their shots the hit rate improves to 57.7% (30-22 ATS).

Although, winning 57.7% in sports handicapping is considered success, it's possible to improve the hit rate to a whopping 76.7% by 'Playing-Against' an un-rested 'FAVORITE' after dropping 55.0% of their shots playing a rested team as it becomes a money-making 23-7 ATS.

It's important to remember that the rarity of that last angle requires patience waiting for the right moment but given the hit rate paying attention can pays off handsomely.



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