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MLB Betting: Lefthanded Road Underdogs - April 10, 2017



 - Left-Handed Road Dogs April 10, 2017
Because hitters tend to see fewer left-handed starters than right-handed ones they often don't have the same success against these southpaws. Always in the hunt for a baseball betting angle it peaked the interest to see how clubs faired sending out a southpaw hurler.

Statistics drawn from our trusty MLB Betting Database revealed road underdogs with a portside starter doing their bidding while themselves swinging at a home side right-handed starter have won 5-of-8 such matchups so far this season cashing +$444 at the betting window.

Such numbers are not limited to recent times During the 2016 campaign much the same, road underdogs in that identical lefty vs righty situation were 127-161 (44.1%) stuffing +$1129 into betting account.

While there's no guarantee that Major League Baseball teams in a road underdog roll trotting out a left-handed starter while facing a righty will continue to perform the rest of the way, the angle is definitely worth keeping in mind as the season progresses.




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