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Sportspic.com is created with one aim – to help you make better bets and enjoy your time in online casinos! Here you’ll find completely free sports picks, handicapping tips and advice on how to get more out of sports bets, whether it’s football, basketball, hockey or something else.

How is it possible to predict matches, you might ask. Easy! What makes betting so tempting, is the analytical side of it. In fact, in many ways, betting is similar to investing, especially Forex trading and such. Though this is a bold claim, both betting and trading share one important similarity – no one can say with 100% certainty what the outcome will be, but thanks to deep analysis and knowledge of the field you can minimize your risks and make the best possible bet. All because of analyzing!Betting tips

Betting predictions and sports picks aren’t anything new either. If some time ago it was somewhat taboo, nowadays it’s an integral part of betting. By just turning on your radio or tapping in news you can hear how odds are made.

Matches can be analyzed and predicted in a very calculated way. It’s no hocus-pocus and is made of various factors that tip the scales in favor of one side of the match. Whether it’s home playing field, new game strategy, new line up, sudden injuries, historical performance – all of these factors wage in when it comes to analyzing the potential outcomes. That’s how professional sports picks are born – through extremely accurate analyzing. Just remember to “trust but verify” – never bet based on a tip you don’t agree with! Same goes the other way around. Listen to other experts. Maybe you won’t end up betting like they advise, but you might get fresh ideas.

Sun Tzu has said: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” The same applies to betting. If you understand the game and you know the ins and outs of both players, not only do you minimize the risks of losing, you increase your potential of earning decent money tremendously. Sports betting is accurate science and even though any form of gambling includes a fair share of luck, sports betting is one of the most popular gambling types solely because of its analytical nature. Great analysists can make winning picks!

Good to know: when it comes to some (especially very niche) sports, such as soccer, eSports and maybe even ice hockey, it can be hard to find high quality tips in English. This also applies to games in most European countries. Thankfully, online translation services work very well, so we recommend you to browse betting tips in other languages too. Veikkaajat.com is one of the sites we visit quite often for betting tips. Other one of our favourites, coinicidentally in same language, is Mr. Jorma Vuoksenmaa. He is very active on Twitter.

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We understand the speed of sports betting world and realize that no bettor should have to struggle with finding the necessary knowledge. For that reason, Sportspic.com is designed in a user-friendly way which doesn’t leave you hanging! Just scroll through our articles to find all the important information on sports betting or use our navigation menu to find answers.

Beyond sports betting, we also dig deeper into online casino world. Whether you are experienced sports bettor looking to confirm your knowledge or a novice betting enthusiast, we aim towards providing you with all you need to know in order to make the best sports bets possible.

We believe that sports betting is a wonderful pass time hobby and can be enjoyed even more if you understand the betting system better. Sports betting is not just gambling, it’s a lifestyle and connects you with sports even more. If you love sports and wish to increase your winnings, then we’ll equip you with everything you need!